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Continuing from my last article, today I’ll be talking about the last type of gambling which is horse gambling. Like my article Types of Gambling Part 2, this type of gambling is also something that is carried out outside of casinos. Now, before I begin the article, try out your luck at mega888 in Malaysia. Be sure to check out my article, Types of Gambling Part 1. 

Horse Racing

Before I talk about horse betting, we must first understand what horse racing is. Horse racing is a type of equestrian activity in which two or more jockeys compete by riding horses over a set distance. Horse racing has several variations. Countries typically build their own horse racing rules or customs. Competitions of specific breeds, obstacle racing, running over diverse distances, and running in various gaits are just a few of the varieties. Horse racing is usually held on a horse-friendly turf, dirt, or synthetic surface race track. In this sport, there are a total of nine types of horse racing.

Flat Racing

The first type is flat racing. This refers to when thoroughbred horses are required to gallop directly between two locations on a straight or oval course.


Steeplechasing, also commonly known as Jump Racing, is a type of horse racing in which horses run over hurdles.

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Harness Racing

The third type is known as harness racing. Here, Horses would trot or pace while pulling a driver in a sulky in harness racing.

Endurance Racing

Fourthly, endurance racing is a type of horse racing that takes place throughout the country over long distances. Horses are usually required to race between 25 and 100 miles.

Chuckwagon Racing

Next, we have Chuckwagon racing, a sport in which a chuckwagon is pulled around a track by four thoroughbred horses.

Combined Driving

Combined Driving is a three-event competition in which a driver on a horse-drawn carriage competes in dressage, marathon, and cones.

Scurry Driving

Coming in the sixth, we have scurry driving. This is where ponies move a carriage with two riders around a track in Scurry Driving.


Skijøring is when you are on skis and are being pulled by a dog, a horse, or a motor vehicle.

Carriage Driving

The last type of horse racing is carriage driving. This is a sport in which horses or ponies are harnessed and pulled behind a waggon, carriage, cart, or sleigh.

Horse Betting 

Now that we know all there’s to know about horse racing, it’s time to learn about horse betting. There are three types of horse betting. The first is the bet to win. This is where you bet on the first place. The first horse to reach first win, along with whoever bet on it.


The second type is the bet to place. Here, people bet on both first and second place. As long as the horse you bet on is either first or second, it is considered a win. The third type is the bet to show. The concept here is similar to the bet to place, the only difference is that the bet is placed on the first, second and third place.