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Social media has been a hit among teenagers, adults and even the elderly. Among all the social media, Youtube has been used among 2.3 billion users worldwide. It is recorded that 79% of the Internet users have a Youtube account where they can like and subscribe to their favorite Youtube channels. You can see how the Youtubers have been posting a variety of contents for their channels in order to attract more subscribers. Some of them do it for the pay as they get paid when people subscribe to their channel and also when a viewer watches the full ad, or clicks on it. Do you know that Jeffree Star, the richest Youtuber in the world today has a net worth of $200 million? It just goes to show that it is possible for you to gain money by posting interesting contents on Youtube. It is unbelievable how someone could get that much money as a Youtuber. If you are a rookie Youtuber and you have no idea what contents you should post as you start your journey as a successful Youtuber, here are a few suggestions.

website design company Malaysia


Mukbang is where you post videos of you eating. Yes, eating. You might wonder why people would be interested to watch someone eat on camera but mukbang channels commonly have more than a million subscribers all around the world. Part of the reason why mukbang contents are watched by a lot of people is because of the cultural difference between the Youtuber and subscribers. Take a Korean mukbang Youtuber as an example. As they posted about them eating visually-pleasing Korean food such as tteokbokki, spicy ramen and bibimbap, it piqued the interest of people who had never eaten the food before. Some of the subscribers live in a country so far from them and would like to know what their food will taste like. Hence, a mukbang channel will be a nice way to go.

Websites Tutorials

If you are an expert in technology and handling websites, these should also be another suggestion for your Youtube contents. Everyone in general can’t help but need to learn more about technology like softwares and websites. People who are interested to learn about these will definitely like and subscribe to your channel. It is recommended that you post web designing tutorials and also suggestions on what software is best used for web designing. You can even share about a website design company Malaysia that offers services of the best web designing from their professional team.

Song Covers

Despite many other Youtubers posting their song covers, such channels will always be attractive for different subscribers as people will simply love you if you are able to cover the songs with your own style. It gives fresh content to the viewers as they would love the idea of their favorite songs being covered by Youtubers with nice voices. This will also help improve your vocals and instrumental skills such as guitar and piano.

Last Words

In conclusion, there are a variety of contents you can choose for your Youtube channel. Honestly, it’s up to you to decide whether you want a variety of content for your channel or stick to one type. The most important thing after all is to be confident and use the platform as a way to hone your talent. Make sure you have fun!