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Although some people think that it no longer has a place in this day and age, affiliate marketing in Malaysia is still one of the most important things that online entrepreneurs can use to help promote their products and services.

To help internet marketers know exactly where the industry is headed from here on out, here are some affiliate marketing trends to watch out for in 2020.

Transparency Can Help Build Long-lasting Relationships

Communication is key when it comes to affiliate marketing. Brand managers should collaborate and communicate effectively to their affiliate marketers so that everything will be alright across the board.

Trust is always an important thing in business and to help build your credibility as a brand manager, you need to be transparent with your terms and conditions.

For instance, when you are trying to build your own affiliate network, you have to make it known to your affiliates your commission structure so that they will know how much they’re getting paid, as well as how often, among many other important details.

More Video Content

According to a report published by Business Insider, video content is set to comprise 82% of the internet’s entire content database by 2021. Whether that is true or not, the fact remains that more and more people want video content more than the other mediums.

That being said, expect to see a meteoric rise of video content as affiliate marketers will now spend more of their time and resources in creating such.

Native Advertising Getting Stronger

Although it is called native advertising, it is actually used in a different context. This type of advertising is sneaky in its approach in that it is not an ad in the traditional sense of the word. In fact, people frown upon banner ads and they will not click on it simply because they deem it as spammy.

Native advertising is so much better as the advertisement is incorporated seamlessly in other mediums. For instance, social media influencers use Instagram stories to help promote products, but they do so in a way that doesn’t look like a traditional ad.

Go Beyond

Even though Google and Facebook are enjoying a duopolistic approach in the internet space, people may actually use different technologies to promote products.

For example, Blockchain technology can help with data decentralization, which aims to provide suitable alternatives that will not prevent them from marketing the products in a certain way.

It is Here to Stay

I understand that people doubt that affiliate marketing is already gone. That notion is reinforced by the fact that a lot of marketers are already using social media as their preferred medium when it comes to product or service promotion.

However, affiliate marketing is here to stay- it only uses a very different approach than it did before. What exciting trends will be introduced in the coming years? I am willing to bet that the industry, if anything, is only going to be better from here on out.