Time fibre home broadband Malaysia
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To obtain adequate connectivity and the proper functioning of the cloud environment, the first thing is to have private networks or VPNs independent of a public Internet connection. With this type of network, not only speed is guaranteed, but connection security is also taken into account. With Time Fibre Home Broadband Malaysia, you can get all the details now.


Choices You Can Make Now

It is clear that to take that step towards the cloud we must take into account our possibilities, our infrastructures and expand and improve the company’s communications services. Therefore, you must invest in connectivity so that migration to the cloud does not mean taking a step backward. We must guarantee the correct bandwidth, a well-interconnected data center, with minimum latency, and a good level of connectivity for both workers and clients.

  • Ultimately, a smart grid becomes a valuable asset for the company. Good cloud connectivity will allow us to meet the mixed needs of users, which will also increase consumption.
  • We have all heard about the use of Broadband as well as its immediate access to the network, with important improvements in its speed as well as a more reliable service.
  • That is why here we will tell you the importance of Broadband Use and we will solve some doubts about it.

Time fibre home broadband Malaysia

However, we have sometimes asked ourselves what it is or what is it for?

A good broadband connection to your business means improving the ability to send and receive electronic information. Allowing some files to be extracted quickly and emails sent immediately, particularly benefiting those companies that regularly send large files. Architecture, design, banking institutions are some of those that come to mind as well as those immersed in social networks, Community Managers, or producers of video games, films, or videos.

Let’s say that with a typical speed of 2 Mbps a high definition movie could take around 9 hours to download to the network, however on a 40 Mbps connection you can watch the same movie in just 20 minutes.


Higher speed broadband has the potential to improve performance, this can lead to the development of new business models, creating access to new markets, improving customer relationships and savings in the organization as well as creating a single point of sale that leads to competitive advantages among others in the market in an endless list of benefits