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We are bound to meet new people from our kindergarten years all the way to our senior years. Throughout the years, we will meet a lot of people of different gender, age and race. All of them will have their own unique characteristics. So, here are the 6 types of friends that you’d meet at least once in your life.



This shopaholic friend of yours really shops a lot till the point you start the question on where they get their money from. They are constantly buying a lot of things where you bet that 90% of the stuff they bought are not even the necessities to them. However it is, it is their money. If it’s not harming you, then it’s no biggie.



The gamer friend. Gaming is their soul and passion. You can take their gaming from them, but you cannot take their gaming passion out of them. You will see them gaming until the wee hours. Your morning is their sleep time for them.



The gambler. This friend of yours loves gambling so much. They frequently go to the casinos and buy 4D numbers. If they happened to witness an accident, they will go to the TOTO shop and buy some auspicious number. Not just that, they will also bring the casino to them due to them playing the new online casino that they discovered. They will also constantly search for the top online casino Malaysia.

They gamble so much to the point where you start to worry about them. Well, at the end of the day, it is their life.



This person, they are just so talented. Everywhere they go, everything they do, they are bound to accomplish it. Do you think it was impressive that you won a pie-eating contest? Well, they’d be the next CEO at Amazon.



Where can we begin? This friend of yours is the definition of a real-life snake. In front of you, they’d be very caring and helpful. But behind your back, they will be bad-mouthing you all day long and they might even backstab you. If you happen to meet this kind of person, it is better to minimize hanging out with them or cut ties with them immediately.



Don’t know what and where to eat? This foodie friend of yours got you covered. They will know all the spots that offer good food and they will know a brand new cafe that is right behind your house that you do not even know. The best type of friend to keep around as it can be an adventure with them.



You get to meet many and different types of people throughout your life. Additionally, friends come and go as you grow older. So, be sure to cherish the good ones and appreciate them for being around you. With good friends, you get to make a lot of memorable memories.

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