The First 9 Things You Should Learn In SEO
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As an SEO Agency said, learning search engine optimization can be stressful and overwhelming.

Below are just some of the fundamentals that you should know about SEO.

1. Analysis and Measurement

If you want to implement a successful SEO strategy, you need to measure and monitor your results efficiently. Experiment with various reports and metrics. Come up with insights. These can help you make meaningful modifications in your marketing approaches.

2. Keyword Research

Google search is now driven by contextual and semantic understanding. However, you still need to do proper keyword research. It is important to identify both long-tail keywords and head keywords, since these are the components that would lead your campaign to success.

3. Technical SEO.

The technical aspects are the most intimidating and overwhelming sections of SEO knowledge. These are also the most important ones. Trust me, it is possible to learn all of these concepts even if you have zero web development and programming experience.

4. Adjustment and TroubleshootingFemale Computer User (#4) by oksmith

During your first months as a search optimize, you will surely encounter tons of challenges and problems. Apart from duplicate web content, you would also see ranking volatilities. If you want to sustain the effectiveness of your marketing campaign, then you need to address these issues ahead of time.

5. The Big Picture

Look at the big picture first before starting with your marketing tips and tactics. What should be your goal? Optimize your website to it can improve its ranking. You can do this by boosting your online authority and relevance.

6. Page Authority and Domain Authority

Learn more about page authority and domain authority, and how they can impact your search rankings. The basic idea? Your website’s domain authority is considered as a propriety score—it tells how trustworthy and credible your domain is. It is calculated depending on the quality and quantity of your website’s inbound links.

7. General On-Site Optimization

On-site optimization is a cluster of tactics. Many of them are very simple to execute, and can help websites gain higher search engine results. Remember to optimize your meta descriptions and titles—it should include your target keywords.

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8. Link Building

Guest posting is a crucial technique to gather links. It is a content marketing strategy applied to several external publishers. Your goal? Produce content for several external websites, establish your company and personal brand, and create new opportunities that can link back to your website

9. The Facets of Content Marketing

Content marketing is an important aspect of the entire SEO process. To be able to optimize your content based on the focus keywords, you need to produce high-quality, compelling content. This can help you establish your website’s authority, and gain a loyal audience.