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It is undeniable that there are many types of customers in the business industry. It makes the business service quite a challenging career as the employees face many customers with different behaviors every day. However, it is a must for you to serve them as best as you can as the pillar of any company will be their customer’s satisfaction. This means that you have to deal with the customers no matter how mad or annoying you think they are. This is definitely true, especially in this modern era where customers have been using the media to voice out their dissatisfaction or complaints. Any small mistakes could have been recorded and is possible to go viral with how widely used social media has been used nowadays. News and the spread of such videos could affect your company’s image and in the worst case, make you lose your customers.

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Let’s move forward to the common types of customers in the business industry.

Loyal Customers

One type of customers that you should treat well is the loyal customers. They are the customers that purchase your products or use your services often. Usually, they know your products well and can specify what they want easily as they use your products regularly. It is true that some of them could have connections to you or your family (if you are taking over your family’s business). They could have been supporting your parents as they decide to use only your company’s products for a long time. However, this does not mean that you should take them lightly as it is always possible for a company to lose their loyal customers due to the abrupt changes in products and prices, bad customer service or other reasons. Loyal customers should be treated with care as they have been helping your company to have steady sales.

The Discount Hunters

Another type of customer is very familiar with the customer service department. They are usually quite hard to handle as they can be persistent at times. Unfortunately, they will ask for big discounts for their purchase every time they come to the store. It is fine if they do not ask for them regularly, as discounts and vouchers are a good marketing strategy to attract loyal customers. However, some of them ask for discounts for even small purchases, which makes it unfair for other customers. Not only will this make your other customers complain, but your sales could also be affected if you give away too many discounts to customers. You should be smart in handling these customers as they could have refused to buy your products if you do not abide by their wishes. There are cases where they boycott a specific company because their employees are not able to lower the prices of their products or services. Despite the hassle, you should be fair to your customers and handle such cases so that your company will not be affected too badly by these customers. 

Last Words

With these types of customers, there are always challenges you have to face as some of them make your work harder. There is no other option for you but to go forward and do your best in growing your business. Work harder and utilise binary system mlm so that your business can be developed even faster.