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Frankly speaking, because there are those who know how to stop in time and stop when they see fit. Let’s start with the category of friends who are addicted to gambling. You could say they are addicted or you could say they are resigned to it. How can I put it, because they start with the intention of wanting to go to the platform and win money as a way to make more money and thus change their real life, themselves and their destiny? 

After losing money once, they want to win back the money they lost before, and then they lose again and want to win back again. This is a vicious cycle, so they go on gambling again and again. So in the eyes of those around them, they are addicted to gambling. But they don’t think so. They think that they will have better luck next time. It’s always the next time, but every time they are disappointed, they lose money, and the more they lose money, the more they want to win it back, and the more they want to win it back, the more they lose. The more money they lose, the more they will not be satisfied, so they will go back to gambling again. Day after day, year after year, so it becomes a habit, so it becomes addictive.

As for those who are not addicted, they already know that gambling is not going to make you rich, richer or better. One thing they may know better is that they may know something about the inner workings of the gambling platform. So when they win some of their money, they will hurry up and withdraw and pocket the money. This is the smartest, most astute and calculating group of friends. 

Such people are comfortable with putting away and understanding the nature of gambling, so they don’t get addicted. Just like some friends understand the set-up of internet fraud, once they encounter it they won’t go to transfer money and won’t blindly push with the fraudsters. Naturally, they won’t fall for the scam, and they won’t incur financial losses. There is also gambling which is an illegal crime and may be combated by the public security authorities if you are not careful. So I hope your friends live a healthy life and don’t get involved in online gambling if you could develop self-discipline. 

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