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Technology is always growing. Isn’t it amazing? Have we ever sat down and thought about all the things that have come along? How much the world has developed into this state that we are in now. How amazing is the human mind to be able to achieve something? How much we can create for ourselves. It is amazing what the human mind and actions are capable of. This is something we need to recognize and continue to do as we always do. 


One of the Greatest inventions is the phone. Starting off with landline phones that we use to have in our homes to the mobile phones that we have today, how much has come to play and how much progress we have made just on this one aspect. Today, we have come to the point that we are not able to leave our phones in our hands. We are constantly going to the phones to contact somebody, in our leisure time, to entertain ourselves, to share, to learn as well! There is so much you can do in this little small device in our hands. This is truly amazing because of what we can do with technology. Do you know all the phones of the lifetime? Do you know what a payphone is? Have you used one before? Did you know the ancestors of your iPhone or Samsung devices? We are now going to look into all of it!

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Where it all started

Phones started off their life fixed to a location. Do you know what a landline telephone is? Those phones are connected to a landline following various cables to reach the signal towers and you are able to make calls from those devices. The landline phones in the past used a rotary dial number to dial and then have improved into a button format that we press on. It is only to make calls and nothing else. Going back to the payphones we talked about earlier. Payphones are a public phone that users can use. It is normally in a booth beside the streets and you are able to make calls if you need to by paying a few cents and you can talk only for a short period of time. To continue chit chatting with who you are calling with you will need to keep topping up in the machine to keep it going. Oh, those days. 


Where it all changed

This is where mobile phones start to come in. The first ever mobile phone was made back in 1973 with Motorola’s Dynatac 8000x. This is a handheld phone which does not require cords or wires attached and you are able to make calls walking around freely. This was a technology revolution where the improvement was drastic compared to its predecessors. But still it only made calls although you are able to walk around while in a call


Pocketable Era

What defines a smartphone today? Pocketable size is definitely one that comes to mind right? It’s not smart when we can’t carry around to use it right? Well the first ever actual pocketable phone is the Motorola’s StarTac it is one that you can carry inside your pocket to go with you everywhere you go! This is a technology development that paved the way for the concept of pocketable smartphones. It was made in 1996 and was the greatest change to phones.



Today as we know it Smartphones, first that we know that they become the smartphone we know today came from 2008 when the iPhone 3 was being pushed to the market. This is the modern smartphone’s first appearance. A flat screen connected to the internet that you can download apps and all types of games on your smartphone. You can do so much with today’s smartphones it’s amazing.


With smart devices so accessible to us nowadays, when we are bored we listen to songs, watch YouTube from our phones. We can also play games with powerful processors in our phones today. It is so fun and smooth without a hitch. Power consuming games like Genshin Impact, Apex Legends Mobile and more. Even games like Casino games like mega888 android download and play apps. It is all available to you. You are also able to work on it as well as learn on, really so much you can do with such powerful devices. This is the modern smartphone and its predecessors. Do you know all of them and have used them before?

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