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1. Instagram is all about beautiful visuals.

Instagram highlights images, more than any other social media network. In this platform, you can showcase how awesome it is to have your product. The main event is your product image, so you better make it sharp and clean.

2. Instagram showcases informative captions.

Captions are just as important as photos. After capturing a user’s attention with an image, the next thing you need that needs to be done is to have an interesting caption. Provoke engagement in a unique way.

3. Instagram highlights important content through Instagram stories.

Are you looking for social media consultant in Malaysia who can help you with your Instagram strategy? You better choose someone who can assist you in making the most out of Instagram Stories. This feature is the perfect way to show your customers exclusive content, such as behind the scenes.

4. Instagram is linked to the biggest social media network, Facebook.

Instagram is owned by Facebook. Thus, it is very easy to link these two social platforms, and reach a wider set of audiences. Linking your social accounts can be beneficial, since it can save you lots of time, and can keep your profiles consistent.


IGTV is a popular, new Instagram feature. It allows people to upload longer videos in vertical format. Because of this, people would can find your business channel a lot easier. They can like, share and comment on these videos, just like in regular posts.