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Deciding to store cement needs to consider many precautions like duration, place of storage, the content of moisture in the atmosphere, and the arrangement of the cement bags. The decision to store cement is taken after its manufacturing so that it could be correctly used in the construction process. The need to follow precautions for the storage of cement is necessary because the cement has hygroscopic nature, and it can absorb moisture from the atmosphere very quickly. Once the cement has absorbed moisture from the atmosphere, it will harden like a stone and become useless for the construction purpose. There are different condition against which necessary precautions should be taken, and those conditions are:

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  • Moisture content in the atmosphere:

The significant risk to cement is the presence of moisture content in the atmosphere because after absorbing moisture from the atmosphere, the cement becomes useless for construction. So, it is essential to store the cement in such an environment where the cement cannot be exposed to the atmosphere.

  • Duration:

The most essential quality of the cement is its strength that makes it a cement binder, and it will decrease over time. Hence, the duration for which the cement is going to be stored is a significant factor that affects the quality of cement. There are present cement retarding agents in cement that reduce the setting of cement, and these are very important. Water reducing agents help to reduce the water content in cement. The maximum time for the storage of cement is three months, and if it exceeds, the strength of cement should be tested before using it for construction. If the strength of the cement has been reduced, then it can be reactivated by different methods.

  • Place of storage:

The selection of the place for the storage of cement is a very crucial step, and one should pay extra attention to it. Open areas for the storage of cement are not good. If you want to store the cement for a more extended period than shoes should select specially designed sheds for cement storage. These storage sheds are specially designed for the storage of cement with exclusive design in which they provide waterproof floors, roofs, and walls.

  • Arrangement:

For the storage of cement bags in a storage shed, a specially designed wooden platform is prepared, which is not in direct contact with the floor. The arrangement of the cement bag is significant, and they should be done with special care. The best should be arranged one above the other.

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