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Poker rake is the fee that the poker room or online poker room charges. It’s a tool used to generate revenue for the casino or cardroom and while we all dream of free poker, we have to be practical and realize that online poker rooms are investing huge amounts of money building great technology and stable servers. After all, they’re a business, so we should expect to pay a small fee to play poker there.
You need to understand the various forms of poker rake, and here are some examples below.

Pot Rake

A small proportion of the pot will be removed by the dealer when a hand is completed during cash games. Poker networks differ in exactly how they do this, but it’s normal that no rake should be removed from the pot unless the hand makes the flop. If a player raises preflop and all folds, no rake will be taken. A typical amount is between 5% and 10% of the total pot in cash games for this form of pot rake.

Dead Drop

To guarantee that everyone charges the same rake, certain casinos use a “dead drop.” In a dead drop, before the hand begins, the player on the key charges the dealer a negotiated set rake. This is compared to the pool rake in which only the player who won the previous pot charges the rake from their wins. The dead drop ensures that around the same amount of rake is paid by everyone.

Timed Collection

Conversely to the two above-mentioned methods, bricks and mortar casinos may use timed collection where a fixed amount of rake is obtained from all games, for example, every 30 minutes. Timed collections and dead falls are less popular and most top online poker sites recommend using the form of pot rake, which all cash game players understand.

Fixed Fee

Casinos can decide to take a fixed fee from each pot instead of letting their dealer measure 5%-10% of different pot sizes per hand. Fixed rates are common in games with higher stakes where players wouldn’t want a large percentage of a $1000 + pot raked per hand.

Tournament Fee

The tournament fee will be very familiar to online poker players. The industry average is 10 percent buy-in game, which can decline as a percentage of buy-ins as they get bigger. Casinos ask the fee to keep things separate on top of the prize pool. As well as generating revenue for the poker room, the tournament fee covers costs associated with hosting the event for vendors, tournament referees, chips and general costs.

The search for promotions and special offers should be part of your bankroll strategy. No rake tournaments are cheaper to enter as no fee is applicable. Furthermore, unlimited rolls and null buy-in tournaments are not raked and offer free incentives to improve or build the bankroll.

Many online casino sites are highly creative and deliver absolutely rake-free poker. As a loss leader, they use poker to sell their clients other profitable products within their portfolio.

Learning how to have rake poker casinos is important information. Developing a winning poker plan has to take into account the small fees that we all have to pay to enjoy playing poker. It is also worth researching which are the lowest rake poker sites as rewarding with your preference the most profitable poker rooms is the way to support sites that offer the best possible quality poker games and encourages continuing creativity in this field.

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