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Most people play the game itself as a process in which pleasure is the main goal, the game ends, most of what is gained are pleasure, one’s dopamine is absorbed and with it the pleasure decreases or even disappears, after a few days, when looking back on this period of life, the pleasure that was the main goal has disappeared and only a few fragments of memory remain, however, the remaining memories cannot bear the weight of the life consumed as they should, so the game does not bear the value of life very well, the pleasure it was oriented towards disappears too quickly and the meaning it bore for the individual also passes quickly.

 Meaningful activities must be able to take on the value of the time they consume, during which you may think, practice, create, be with people you like, see your own weaknesses, the kindness of others, the cruelty of society, experience the discouragement of failure, the joy of success, the tacit understanding of cooperation, the sense of achievement when you finish, these experiences, these subtle emotions converge little by little to make up a time of thickness.

For playing games, mainly fast food games, there is a less personal experience and subtle emotions, and more emphasis on winning and losing, the pursuit of pleasure, such a time is as thin as a cicada, and the pleasure itself is addictive, you can’t let go, and when you look back, you have already consumed a long time, but you seem to have just spent a few dozen seconds.

One has gone to the trouble of doing something and still feels mentally unfulfilled and unpleasant, for example after spending a lot of time doing homework or finishing something less interesting such as work, so one chooses to play games like mega888 apk that can quickly and effortlessly compensate for this unpleasant feeling. When feelings of powerlessness exist in one’s mind, one needs to find something to fill it and justify one’s existence. Some people just choose to play games and never get enough, it is still on their mind and once they are in a position to do so, they may think about making up for that regret. 

Whether it’s a dependence on your phone or addiction to games that you can’t just restrain, that’s a warning you’re sending out mentally. This is the time to think about what exactly is causing the current feeling of powerlessness. Games and stuff can be replaced or filled with something meaningful. You can use this to exercise, work, develop hobbies and to some extent reduce the feeling of powerlessness.

Despite the fact that games are computer-generated representations, they give us such a good feeling. All those good feelings are usually scarce in real life, but you can get them back more easily and quickly by playing games. One of the great lures of games is that they can give you those feelings that you lack in life.