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1. Brandable Over Generic

Apart from working with top website hosting companies, you need to make sure that your domain name is brandable and creative. Keep in mind that your visitors can find you through this domain name. It is the very foundation of your own beloved brand. Use unique words in order to stand out from the rest of the competition. Never stuff it with unmemorable words.

2. Check your domain name’s availability on trademarks and socials media platforms.

Before you finalize your domain name, check if it is already available on social media websites, and if there are already trademarks registered under it. To establish your brand, you need to leverage on other channels of promotion across the web. Just make sure to avoid legal issues.

3. Pick the right domain name extension.

“.com” will always be the best domain name extension. There is no doubt that it is the easiest to remember. There are lots of successful websites with “.org” or “.net” but “.com” is still your safest bet.

4. Make use of a popular domain name generator to gather more ideas.

Don’t know what other words to put in your domain name? Make use of a good domain name generator. Remember, some words have already been trademarked or taken. These amazing generators can turn all of your ideas into fresh and available domain names.

5. Consider using strong, relevant keywords.

Keywords can definitely help you improve your search engine optimization strategy. If you are thinking of adding awkward keywords on you domain, then surely it would sound generic. Put all of the keywords at the beginning of the domain name. That way, it would be powerful, and can impact your domain name positively.