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Horse Racing 101: How to Box an Exacta

Are you interested in horse racing? If you are, then you should learn more about boxing an exacta in the easiest possible way. Horse racing bets may sound simple and exciting compared to 918kiss, but boxing an exacta requires a certain strategy.

An exacta asks a person to choose the first 2 finishers that are in order. In boxing, your choices may come whatever order. It is still possible to win.

An exacta typically provides bigger payoffs compared to place, win or show wagers. However, it is smaller than the superfecta, high-5, trifecta and multi-race bets which involves more than 3 races.

Take note: some of the tracks can still recognize it as the Perfecta.

Other Canadian tracks label Exacta as the “Exactor” or exact order. In other countries, it recognized as “straight forecast.”

Here’s How

  1. Choose your horses. Which among those do you think have big chances of winning? Who will finish at the 2 top-most positions?
  2. Walk towards the betting window. Inform the clerk which race and track you want to bet on.
  3. Inform the clerk that you want exacta boxes 3, 2 and 1, and your chosen horses. A lot of tracks carry minimum exacta prices.
  4. Check your ticket’s details, before leaving the betting window.
  5. Hold on to your ticket. Watch and enjoy.

Exacta Horse Racing Tips

  1. It is possible to wager a bigger amount anytime.
  2. If you choose more horses, you will have a bigger chance of cashing the ticket. However, it will be pricier.
  3. In general, one dollar is an exacta box’s minimum. But, a few tracks may still require a minimum of $2.
  4. You wouldn’t want to resort to an overbet. This happens when the winning exacta includes second choice and the favorite one. What you need is a mid to long shot. preferably on top, to be able to make your box investment worthwhile.
  5. An example of a poor exacta box value: If you resorted to a handicap race, and it delivers odds on winning with the second choice at the bottom.
  6. You should look for certain longshots. Look for a new way to pass the race, or to remove one of those short-priced choices.
  7. With the help of simulcasting, you can find a lot of good races that you can bet on every day.
  8. Make additional bets. You can try the Trifecta pool, to be able to amplify potential victories, in case you handicapped properly.