ecommerce web development
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Customers can buy or sell goods and services online using an e-commerce website. These websites are appropriate for customers who would rather shop online than physically visit a store. With a few clicks on their devices, customers can quickly browse and conduct product research for their favourite items.

ecommerce web development

There are three kinds of ecommerce websites; 

  • Multi-Vendor Online Marketplaces

The most well-known ecommerce website today is eBay. With the simple creation of an account and immediate usage, signing up is simple. Businesses that have their own website as well can sell on other websites and receive benefits by placing their products on a marketplace where customers often venture to.  

  • Online Retailers – Selected Sellers

This kind of website includes products from the owner of the website itself. It is not foreign if the website includes products from other sellers that have been given the permission to sell on that platform. Only selected sellers can sell their products on the website. An example of this is Amazon which is a selected-seller only website. Amazon sells their own products but also allows third-party sellers to join as well. 

  • Vendor-specific – Single Seller

This type of ecommerce website sells their own products. They possess their own business model. Most online sellers use this type of ecommerce website. A single ecommerce website is owned by a single seller which utilises it as an online storefront. Presently, businesses maintain this type of ecommerce website to allow their customers to shop online easily. 

ecommerce web development

Now that you know what ecommerce websites and their types – what is ecommerce web development? How can someone create an effective e-commerce website that gets results?

The creation and design of an ecommerce website is known as ecommerce web development. Since it is a popular go-to for customers, developing an ecommerce website can grab paying customers and revenue for your business. 

Web ecommerce development is crucial since it makes it easier for users to navigate your website. Such as, through the pages, carts, payments and customers favourite products. The development sets customers’ first impression, helps users’ experience, aids your SEO strategy and increases your exposure.