Coinless Slot Voucher
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How to Redeem a Coinless Slot Voucher

Coinless slot machines are rapidly dominating casinos all over the world. In many places, collecting jackpot money is as easy as cashing out vouchers. While this new system appears convenient, not every person finds it satisfying. Many gamblers say that part of the slot machine thrill is the exciting jingle of the coins and it has the similar feeling while playing slot online Malaysia.

Coinless Slot Voucher

Slot Machines: Bye, Coins!

The big shift from coins to vouchers started back in the early 2000s. The emergence of coinless slot machines equate to less labor costs. For casinos, there is no need to hire slot machine managers to make changes, clean out the machines, and escort players to the counting rooms.

Now, all they need to do is insert their vouchers at the redemption kiosk, and claim their winnings.

The Slot Voucher System

Instead of putting coins in the slot machine, all you need to do is to put any bill denomination. Then, the machine would register the specific credit amount. Your play can immediately begin right after that.

Once you win, you just need to hit a button, and get a voucher printed. This voucher reflects the amount of your prize money. You can redeem this at the redemption machine or cashier’s cage.

Coinless Slot Voucher


The first time coinless slot machines were introduced in casino floors, the players had a hard time moving from one machine to another. If they want to move to another slot machine, they need to take their vouchers to the cashier, and convert it to cash.

Luckily, many manufacturers immediately addressed this issue. Now, slot machines accept vouchers from several other ones as a form of payment. Just take note that vouchers have certain expiration dates, usually from 60 to 90 days. If you are playing in a particular casino while on a vacation, this can be a problem.

Before You Go

Make sure to check the policies of the casino you want to visit. If you can, call the casino, or personally ask for the casino host for inquiries. A conversation with the casino host will always be better, since they would do anything they can to retain their best players. They would surely find the best advice and solutions for your concerns.