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1. Check the seat cover.

Purchasing high chairs are similar to shopping for baby carriers in Malaysia. Durability is top priority. Make sure that there is quality upholstery, and that the seat cover must be feel substantial. It shouldn’t scratch the legs of your baby. You should also make your life easier by picking a product that is easy to clean.

2. See to it that the wheels can be locked.

Are you thinking of buying a high chair with wheels? Make sure that they can become immobilized or locked for your child’s safety.

3. Watch out for all the rough edges.

See to it that no part of the high chair is sharp enough to harm your little one. Assess the sides of the feeding trays, as well as the seatbacks, armrests and seating area’s edges. Avoid those high chairs and other baby products with little hinges or holes that can trap your child’s fingers.

4. Give the high chair a shake.

Check how well the high chair holds its ground. You can give it a good shake, and then see how you can move it around your home. The best high chair must feel sturdy and stable not wobbly. Settle for the option that has a reliable base for stability.

5. Check for the small parts.

Child safety must always be your number one priority. Before using, as well as while it is in use, see to it that the plugs or caps that the cover the tubing are secured. Consequently, all the tags, stickers and labels are firmly attached. It’s also important to check the fasteners for tightness.

6. Try folding the high chair.

Are you planning to fold the high chair every single day for proper storage? Practice folding the chair at the store, before finalizing your purchase. You wouldn’t want its folding mechanisms to appear awkward and stiff.