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Not all gamblers are made equivalent. Few them are special to the point that gambling clubs wherever make a special effort to allure them to their entryways. At the point when these individuals step out of their driver driven limousines and walk coolly inside the vast mouth of the unquenchable brute that benefits from their pockets, they are quickly prompted the most selective zone of the casino of Mega888.

There they are given moment credit lines running in the a huge number of dollars, sufficiently only for the end of the week, and an escort of groveling staff takes care of their each impulse with the expectation that they place the chips on the table once again.

Kerry Packer

Kerry Packer, The King of Whales, was an Australian media tycoon who was notable for his luxurious way of life. He would routinely wager $450,000 on a blackjack hand and leave servers a seven-figure tip when visiting gambling clubs. It is said that he once bet almost $25 million spread on four roulette table and lost everything. Ouch.

Terrance Watanabe

If Terrance Watanabe were a whale, you’d most likely discover him stranded some place down to his last pants of air. The unfortunate previous mogul holds the record of having the greatest losing streak in Las Vegas history, losing about $127 million at the tables in 2009 alone.

He is at present involved in a fight in court with Harrah’s over $14.7 million he has supposedly been credited by the club. Watanabe claims that the club did its absolute best to keep him in an inebriated state while playing there, giving him torment medicine to urge him to continue betting.

Zhenli Ye Gon

Zhenli Ye Gon, conceived in Shanghai, is a Chinese-Mexican specialist who is supposedly a boss of the Mexican meth exchange. In 2007, police raged into his Mexico City manor and found over $200 million in real money reserved there.

Ye Gon’s Vegas betting days are presently behind him, however not without going out a sizeable $120 million ‘gift’. Allegedly, Ye Gon was such a regarded and liberal customer of the Venetian Resort Hotel Casino that they gave him a Rolls Royce as an incidental award!