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There are certain ways for you to choose the right web hosting provider for you. Fortunately, this article will highlight some of the most important points you need to consider to find the right hosting company for you.


Simply put, bandwidth refers to the amount of data that is being used up whenever someone accesses your website. If your webpage is filled with media-rich content, then you are going to use up a lot of bandwidth easily.

Most of the hosting providers out there would impose a limit or threshold on the amount of bandwidth you can use every month. This is known as bandwidth allocation and how much bandwidth you need will entirely depend on your needs and circumstances.

For a new website that doesn’t get a lot of internet traffic, a limited bandwidth plan is okay. However, once you find that you are gaining momentum and a lot of your audience are flocking to your website, then you will need to upgrade your existing plan as well.


Server uptime is the measure of how long your website was accessible until it goes down. That being said, although it is virtually impossible to attain 100% uptime, you want to get a guarantee of 95% at the very least.

Storage Space

If you have a rather simple website with just some forms of media, then you will not need a lot of disk space. However, if you are storing huge amounts of data, then you will need to get a much bigger one right off the bat. Again, this is scalable, but choose one that you are going to go with for a very long time.

Technical Support

Sometimes, you will need technical assistance. Perhaps, you are made aware by one of your customers that your website is currently inaccessible and in such cases, you want to get a hold of a real technical support staff.

You want to do your research to find a company that does provide reliable customer service. Do not be easily swayed by ‘24/7 customer support’ when most of the time, you are just going to be passed to a call center agent that takes in general inquiries.

Find the right company that provides you with ample customer support while talking to a real person.

Technical Freedom

If you are more of a technical person and you want to get the best performance possible, then you want a company that can provide you with the technical freedom to do as you please.

For instance, find the right provider that will give you the access to install PHP scripts, allow you to use an FTP to upload files directly from your computer, among many others.


Most websites have SSL certificates and you will know if they do have one if their link starts with ‘https’ followed by a small lock icon just right beside it.

If you are running a website that handles customer information, it is important that you get a hosting provider that gives SSL certificates.

Robust Control Panel

The control panel is something that will always be given by your hosting provider. This program will allow you to do certain things, including making email clients, change certain parameters on your website, among others.

If you are not a tech-savvy individual, then you shouldn’t worry about this. However, if you want granular control of some aspects of your website (mostly behind the scenes), then you want to settle with a hosting company that can give you just that.