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You can consider Malaysia as one of the best countries in the world in terms of food. That is because, in just about any place here, you will always find a restaurant or hawker food stalls that are ready to serve even the most weary traveler.

In today’s article, I will go over some must-try restaurants in Kuala Lumpur. If eating alone is not your style, you can definitely hang out with some gorgeous escort girls if you want.

With that being said, let’s get on with the article.

1. Kafe Old Market Square

Kopitiam means a coffee shop or café in Malaysia and if you find that there’s a sign for that, then that means that the establishment serves some amazing local-brewed coffee.

That being said, the first restaurant that you should try is the Kafe Old Market Square which is located just close to the popular Masjid Jamek Mosque.

The Kafe Old Market Square is one of the oldest coffee shops in Kuala Lumpur and they serve mostly breakfast dishes, as well as some locally-brewed coffee.

This place is famous because of its close proximity to the mosque, as well as they serve some really nice breakfast meals.

2. Hong Ngek

This restaurant serves some amazing Chinese dishes as the owner deems the restaurant as inspired by the Chinese Hokkien.

That being said, their famous dish here is the Ginger Duck Rice and if you come here with that still available for the day, then you are in luck as this is definitely one of their most sought-after dishes.

Aside from their scrumptious meals, what I love about this place is that the owner and restaurant staff are quite friendly and accommodating, especially to tourists.

Although the restaurant’s interior is drab, the food and the staff pretty much makes up for it.

3. Old China Café

This café is like an old museum simply because the place hasn’t really changed much since it was established. The Old China Café is located in Chinatown just a few streets shy of Jalan Petaling.

They serve mainly Nyonya food which originates from the Peranakans or early Chinese migrants who have settled in nearby Asian countries, including Singapore, Indonesia, Penang, and Malacca.

Their Beef Rendang is simply to die for and there are a host of other Nyonya foods that you can try as well.

4. Capital Café

The Capital Café is a rather simple restaurant and their signature dish is Mee Goreng or fried noodles. This restaurant was actually established way back in 1956 and they have plenty of different items on display.

Surprisingly, the staff can speak impeccable English so it was not hard for me to order things off of the menu.

Aside from the fried noodles, you should also try their Rojak which is a fresh salad with peanut sauce topped over.

5. Bijan

This is more of a luxurious restaurant when compared to the other options I’ve talked about so far. This is usually where the locals would bring their foreign friends.

The Bijan Restaurant is the place to be if you want to sample some of Malaysia’s authentic foods.

Although the foods here are expensive, I can truly say that they are really, really good.

6. Merchant’s Lane

This Kopitiam serves a fusion between Asian and Western dishes, but for you to find this place, head on over to Chinatown and find a huge door that is painted turquoise.

Once you enter, you will be greeted with a rather relaxing ambiance which is a nice place to relax. Though I would caution you to go here during lunchtime since there are going to be a lot of people here; go here during the afternoon and have a nice snack coupled with a freshly-brewed cup of Joe.

7. Leaf & Co Café

This café is located in the new heritage hostel called Mingle just inside Chinatown. It has an old and rustic feel and serves up coffee, cakes, and restaurant foods to people who want to get satiated.