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1. Purchasing a watch that is too loud or distracting

Are you looking for watches for women in Malaysia? If you are getting your first ever watch,
look for one that you can wear every single day. Think about your daily activities and
environment. Don’t get a watch that is too distracting and loud. If you don’t attend tons of formal
events, it’s best not to get a formal-looking timepiece for now. Just settle for a casual watch that
for day-to-day activities.

2. Getting a watch that has the wrong size for your wrist

Watch sizing is important. Even if you have an elegant timepiece with the best details and
features, you wouldn’t able to wear it proudly if the size is wrong. Look for a watch that
perfectly fits your wrist.

3. Buying a timepiece simply to impress people.

Get the watch you genuinely love. Don’t just buy one just because someone else told you to.

Make your own decisions. Make sure that this timepiece matches your usual attire, form the
shoes to your own hair. This doesn’t mean that you won’t accept other people’s opinions, though.

4. Blindly following the watch trends

At this day and age, there are tons of watch trends people follow when planning their purchases.

Trends come and go, while the classic options are there to stay. Each watch is an investment. It’s
better to go for those options that you can wear to for the years to come, and would still look good.

5. Failure to pay attention to smaller, lesser-known watch brands

There are tons of smaller watch brands out there that deserve your attention. Rolex and Patek
Philippe are amazing brands, but don’t just get a watch model from them because of the prestige.

A watch is a useful accessory, not just a status symbol. Be a savvy buyer. Never rule out the
small, new players in the industry.