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There are some erogenous zones in the male body that women aren’t aware of. It is such a waste if it wasn’t utilized right? By the way view adult dildo in malaysia here before you start reading about erogenous zones down below: 


  1. Ear view adult dildo in malaysia here

Surprisingly, the ears are one of the most pleasurable parts of the body for both men and women. The ears are extremely erogenous zones for both sexes, with sensitive skin on the outside and hundreds of sensory receptors on the inside.


2. Neck’s Nape

This area on the back of the neck, where the rear of your hairline begins, can be highly sensitive to touch due to the large amount of nerve endings.


3. Back

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A lot of us carry some stress, weight, tension and anxiety on our back. Finding techniques to relieve the stress we keep in our back muscles feels not tense. Therefore, it’s a terrific way to start a sensual evening. Because it’s so close to our pelvis and isn’t regularly touched directly in any other manner, the lower back is especially pleasurable to stroke.


4. Back of the Knees 

Though it may seem weird to consider the backs of the knees as an erogenous zone, many people have discovered that locations where blood vessels are closest to the skin (such as the backs of the knees) are more receptive to touch.


Ankles, like the backs of the knees, are places of high strain and contain numerous blood arteries.


5. Feet

The feet are extremely sensitive to touch because they have so many nerve endings to look after. Foot have a lot more to give in terms of pleasure than many people realise – and some schools of thought believe that particular sections of the feet connect to other parts of the body, so by paying attention to them, you may be lighting up a number of different places at once. 


6. Anus

Everyone has one and they’re all jam-packed with the potential for some major pleasure. There are many nerve endings in the buttocks that, when stimulated, can improve all types of play, including masturbation, penetrative intercourse, massage, and much more.


7. Scrotum 

The scrotum is one of the most delicate areas of the male anatomy, since it both protects and controls the temperature of the testicles.


8. Testicles

This region has a similar amount of nerve endings as the vagina and is receptive to cupping, sucking, and licking, much like the scrotum.


9. Perineum 

Between the scrotum and the anus lies a sensitive patch of skin. Gentle stroking or pressure works wonderfully.


10. Prostate cancer

“The male G-spot, a walnut-sized gland near the base of the penis, is commonly referred to as the male G-spot. Stimulating it can result in strong orgasms. You can use your finger to stimulate the male G-Spot, but it can be tough to reach, so a prostate massager may be a better option.


11. Perineum

This is the scientific term for the taint or gooch that we generally refer to. The perineum is the area between your vagina and anus, or between your testicles and anus. “It’s in an excellent place to deliver some deep intense pleasure because of the place it’s located and its closeness to two major nerves.


12. Inner of the Thighs 

The sensitive skin on the inner of your thighs is an additional amount to touch, much like the stomach lining of your arms. Paying enough attention to them might help you generate excitement for what’s coming next.